This is the place for your dog stories. Send in photos of your dog in a bow tie and its story and we will post it up. Everyone loves a dog in a bow tie.

Rosie the rescued dog

Just over a year ago, Rosie was found wandering the streets, cold and hungry. She was picked up by the dog warden and taken to an animal rescue centre. There she stayed for six weeks, until a couple of volunteer dog walkers fell in love with her. They decided to adopt Rosie and take her home with them. She is a mature dog , who has a beautiful face, but through neglect in her past life, has a few bare patches on her neck and very thin fur on her body. None of this matters to her or her new ‘parents’ or indeed to anyone who meets her. She is friendly, affectionate and adores being stroked and fussed. With all the love and attention she gets in her new home it’s little wonder she is thriving.

Here she is looking very pleased with herself, wearing the classic logo bow.


Bella is a rescue dog.

She was handed into a dogs home in Manchester without any message or history. Bella was all alone in the world. The home saw that she was so small they put her in with their rescue puppies.

However, tiny Bella was actually an older dog, around three years old. Several weeks went by and potential new owners arrived to adopt a dog. When looking at the puppies one in particular jumped higher than the rest in order to impress and be noticed. Bella caught their eye and was immediately re-homed.

Now, dogs usually leave rescue centres with a list of likes and dislikes. Bella only had one such instruction. ‘Don’t let her sit near an open window as she is likely to jump out.’ Six years on and Bella is a happy, contented dog, proud of her scotty bow, and always on the look out for an open window to jump through. Maybe parachutes for dogs are the next big thing!

Here is Bella in her scotty bow looking wistfully through the closed window.