Hand crafted for you in the UK

The wedding was big, the outfits were made and even the dog had an invite. Bernadette, your bow tie maker, was busy mentoring a student in the finer details of dressmaking and tailoring when the wedding came up in conversation. Asked about the possibility of creating a bespoke dog’s bow tie, Bernadette took on the challenge, worked out the practicalities and created a bow tie to wow the wedding party.  www.givethedogabow.com was born.

Every bow tie is made in the North West of England in the former heart of cotton mill country. All bow ties are machine sewn and hand finished.  Lovingly created from a choice of fabric or using material sent to her, Bernadette takes great pride in her creations. There is only one maker of the bow ties to ensure exacting standards are upheld. Bernadette is obsessive when it comes to detailed quality.

It has taken many prototypes to create the bow tie seen today. Hours of sewing, unpicking and the use of various materials has resulted in what Bernadette knows is a top quality bow tie. After all, it’s what you should expect from any handmade product made in the UK.

  • Creating the bow ties
  • Each bow tie hand crafted
  • Hand stitched