Hello – it’s started

September 28th 2015

Today I am wearing every bow tie in the range (not all at once)

Well, at last it’s up and running, and what a palaver it’s been getting to this point. You wouldn’t believe the number of bow ties I’ve had on. Not all at once but on and off, then on then off again. You get the idea. It’s all been in the interest of research apparently. To get the things right. And now, months after the first idea was brought up as I snoozed quietly under the table, there is what the family are calling the ta-dah moment. Something’s live apparently.

So anyway, back to that under table snooze. It was a little bit fitful, not a full on leg twitching job the teenager once recorded and put on YouTube,  but more of ‘a hazy voices, cozy feeling as sleep washed over me’ type, occasionally raising an eyelid to check on whether any cake crumbs were being brushed my way, when they all started screeching about ‘what a great idea it was’, ‘We can’t have the only dog who would look good in a bow tie” and ‘Oh no, grandad’s done one again’. I admit it was me this time.  ‘Bad grandad. In your basket!’  He got the blame but he’s all-right that grandad. Always has a bit of something in his pocket for a treat. He also sleeps as much as me in winter. And then it started, bow tie after bow tie was made, inspected unpicked and re-sewn, pieces of material all over the place and my collar almost worn ragged by all the fittings.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a bow tie – who doesn’t?  There’s a design to match any mood or situation. For example, a friend of mine looked great in his at a wedding. He got all the fuss and attention whilst the bride got a bit stroppy. It wasn’t his fault that he looked proper dapper and the photographer took more photos of him than her. Looking forward to seeing the wedding album.

And that’s that. Looks like we are all going to busy from now on. Orders are already coming in and bow ties being dispatched every day. I did hear them talking about going to some dog shows. And that might be fun. Meeting a few new friends, having a bit of tail wag, and to be honest, showing off in one of my bow ties. I’ll obviously keep you up to date on what’s happening.

But enough of this chitter-chatter as my stomach’s rumbling so I’m either feeling peckish or grandad’s going to be shouted at again.

Speak in a bit.

Your bow tied dog blogger

Johnny Meringue.