We guarantee the quality of every bow tie made at If for any reason you are not happy with your bow tie then please get in touch and we will do everything we can to sort out the problem. We are confident you will love your bow tie.

Each bow is handmade and therefore unique. This can result in ever so slight differences in the finished bow tie to the ones shown here on the website.

When you receive your bow tie, open the envelope and remove the twists of packing in each of the bow tie wings. They have been put there to ensure the bow ties don’t get flattened in the post. The bow tie is then easily fitted to any size of collar using the two Velcro fastenings. Carefully cut off any excess Velcro once you know how much is required. bow ties can be washed. Bernadette has tested various ways to wash the ties and has found that gently hand washing in warm soapy water is best. After washing simply rinse and blot of excess water with a towel and leave to dry naturally. Don’t twist the bow out of shape. This ensures that the inner padding keeping the bow tie in superb shape does just that for years.

We have to do all the legal stuff so if you want to know all the terms and conditions etc simply click here

  • packaging the bow tie
  • Adding the bow tie padding
  • Give the Dog a Bow packaging